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Frequently Asked Questions

Please Read Carefully!


What are event props?

Props are used to decorate the venue where your wedding, birthday or event is taking place. These items can range from table displays, chair decorations, drapes, large free standing items and even sweet carts.


What is an event decoration service?

Our team will go to your venue of choice and based on a pre-agreed style, decorate the room to your specification. Most people use this service to create a theme that is different to the venues look. Our service can include prop hire, setup and pack down if required.


I have a small budget and can’t afford to use your services. Can you recommend a way to make my owns props?

Most of our techniques are a trade secret and regrettably we can’t share them! However, if you are on a tight budget, we offer DIY wedding packages which are a lot cheaper. You get everything you need, and you do it all yourself. Great for village halls where you can have a 3 day hire which gives you time to set up before and pack down after ready to return it to us. Also for people who have a large family that want to help but don't have the space to store everything required for the day.


Do you sell wedding props?

Our business is based around hire and setup, meaning we do not sell our props or equipment. Often people find buying everything and disposing of it afterwards is neither cost effective or great for the environment. If you are looking to save time and money, consider our DIY wedding packages.


Do you have all the necessary insurances in place?

Yes, we have all insurance documents available on request.


Do you take a deposit?

We do. Our deposits are £50 to £100 depending on the size of the booking and are refundable proving no loss or damage has taken place. Please refer to our T&C page for the full details.


Do you offer light boxes and photo booths?

No, this isn't something currently in our portfolio


Do you offer large free-standing letters?

We currently have 4ft LOVE letters in either rustic or light up styles.


Do you offer arch ways?

We do. You can either use this as is or have it decorated.


Do you offer lawn games?

We do. We offer a wide range of lawn games which are not only fun, but they are also lawn safe!


I can’t see a style I like on your website, is that all you offer?

Your event is unique to you and so is your style. The styles offered on our site are considered the most popular however, we do offer a wide range of options. We would recommend calling us and discussing your needs.


Do you offer real or fake flowers?

We have teamed up with Tillys Flowers to provide you the best possible price on real flowers. If you require artificial arrangements we can provide these also.


Do you only cater for weddings?

We can provide our services for a wide range of events including birthdays, baby showers, ceremonies and even corporate occasions.


My venue has said my setup needs to put up and taken down in one day. Is this and issue?

Simply elegant are efficient and can be in and out of a venue in one day. Please make us aware of this prior to booking as it may incur an out of hours charge.


Do you offer balloons?

This is not something we offer but we have knowledge of industry experts in most fields so feel free to ask for recommendations.


Do you offer catering?

This is not something we offer.


Do you offer paper goods?

We are constantly updating our stock so if you are looking for anything specific please let us know as if we can't help we usually know someone who can.


Do you offer save the dates?

At the moment we are looking at expanding into this area so we can offer coordinated stationery for your event. Please check back with us soon for any announcements.


Do you offer sweets carts?

Yes we do! We offer a great price on cart hire and our sweet ferris wheel. Contact for more info.


Do you offer chair rental/hire?

We don't offer furniture hire unfortunately but again, contact us for recommendations of companies that do.


Do you offer/supply food products?

No, we are a venue styling company only.


What happens if something gets broken by accident?

Accidents happen, it is ok! However, any damage or loss will be taken from your deposit. If the replacement cost exceeds your deposit you will be invoiced for the balance, please refer to our terms & conditions for full details.


I am stuck and don’t know what I want! Can you help!?

Of course! Simply book a FREE consultation with us and we can guide you to your perfect day.  We often meet our clients and walk through the day offering ideas and suggestions where possible.


Do you cater for non-Christian weddings?

We do. We have provided our services for many different faiths, religions and lifestyles. Simply contact us to discuss your requirements.

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